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[mkgmap-dev] [Patch] unpaved roads

From lig fietser ligfietser at hotmail.com on Thu Feb 9 20:11:45 GMT 2017

Hi Gerd,

Maybe take only mtb:scale>1 into account?

Reg. bridleways, look in the UK, huge numbers of bridleways are tagged with surface=paved or surface=asphalt.

So I'd say better only take bridleways into account that don't have mkgmap:unpaved=0

Hi ligfietser,

reg. mtb:scale:
both the german and english the wiki for mtb:scale=0 say "Gravel or packed earth". I think that means unaved.
But you are right, a lot of ways are tagged mtb:scale=0 &surface=asphalt, i also found some with mtb:scale=1
Does that mean that we should better ignore the mtb:scale tag reg. unpaved?

reg. bridleway:
My understanding is that horses don't like to go on paved ways. Do you have an example for a paved bridleway?

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