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[mkgmap-dev] is_in filter

From Andrzej Popowski popej at poczta.onet.pl on Tue Feb 7 22:52:20 GMT 2017


I like your ideas about is_in and urban areas. But I have doubts about 
practical results. IMO areas like landuse=residential or place=city/town 
aren't mapped well in OSM data. So even if you add some new features to 
mkgmap, it won't be useful, because input data is not precise.

Some consideration about urban area. I think using buildings or house 
numbers as indication of urban area won't be reliable. Mostly because 
these are data from imports, so some cities get them while others still 
do without. Probably highway's junctions (crossroads) could be the best 
indication of urban area. Roads are usually mapped correctly and number 
of junctions shows complexity of road network.

Best regards,

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