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[mkgmap-dev] Problems with -- gmapi (and possibly --gmapsupp also)

From Patrik Brunner patrik.brunner at gmx.net on Tue Feb 7 22:42:09 GMT 2017


Folder structure looks the same as with for example jmc_cli.

It doesn't make a difference if I call mkgmap --gmapsupp with the 
overview parameters (--overview-mapname=... --overview-mapnumber=...), 
in no case I have overview maps.
The only difference is how the files are named inside the gmap directory 
structure, either with the choosen names or with the default names.

Below shown call of mkgmap is the version without overview options...


On 06.02.2017 23:33, Steve Ratcliffe wrote:
> Hi Patrik
>> I've just noticed that the quite new option --gmapi does not work
>> properly regarding overview maps:
>> - I first build the img files where all is correct, overview maps are
>> properly built and set at the different needed locations (*.tdb file,
>> elsewhere ?)
>> - running mkgmap with the option --gmapi (complete output shown below)
>> causes that the overview maps are not anymore shown in BaseCamp
> How does the gmapi map differ from one created using the script or 
> Garmin's conversion tool?
>> BTW: Something similar happens probably with --gmapsupp: there are now
>> overview maps visible on the GPS itself.
> The gmapsupp does not contain a base map.  I suppose if you actually 
> included it on the command line then it would be added, but you should
> not do that.
> ..Steve
>> Here the call of mkgmap and its output:
>>     java -Xmx1536M -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8 -jar 
>> D:/fzk/develop/fzk-mde-garmin/Freizeitkarte-Entwicklung/tools/mkgmap/mkgmap.jar 
>> --max-jobs=2 --index --code-page=1252 --gmapi 
>> --license-file=Freizeitkarte_LUX.license --product-id=1 
>> --family-id=6442 --family-name="Freizeitkarte_LUX" 
>> --series-name="Freizeitkarte_LUX" --description="Freizeitkarte_LUX 
>> (Release 17.02)" --product-version="6442" 6442*.img 6442.TYP 
>> --tdbfile --show-profiles=1
>>     Time started: Sun Feb 05 16:10:10 CET 2017
>>     Number of MapFailedExceptions: 0
>>     Number of ExitExceptions: 0
>>     Time finished: Sun Feb 05 16:10:12 CET 2017
>>     Total time taken: 1858ms
>> Am I doing something wrong or is this a 'defect' in the newly
>> implemented gmapi option ?
>> Thanks for helping
>> Patrik
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