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[mkgmap-dev] To do: If-Then-Else

From Mike Baggaley mike at tvage.co.uk on Tue Feb 7 17:22:32 GMT 2017

Hi Andrzej, can you not make use of mkgmap:country to handle this scenario?

mkgmap:country=DZA | mkgmap:country=AGO |  mkgmap:country=SHN |
mkgmap:country=BEN ... {set continent=AF}

continent=AF & landuse=farmland [0x10f01 level 1]

Would mkgmap be better with a mkgmap:continent variable using
place=continent added?


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Hi Dave,

I think the idea is to include some preprocessing capability to style 

I develop a single style for my topo maps, but I need some possibility 
to get a small variation in style depending on region. For example I 
prefer to show landuse=farmland on a map of Africa but to remove it on a 
map of Europe. So instead of maintaining 2 nearly identical styles, I 
would like to get a conditional statement, something like:

	landuse=farmland [0x10f01 level 1]

and then add (or not) an option to mkgmap like --style-define=SHOW_FARMS

Best regards,

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