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[mkgmap-dev] unpaved roads

From Gerd Petermann GPetermann_muenchen at hotmail.com on Tue Feb 7 11:22:57 GMT 2017

Hi Nuno,

you are welcome!
My understanding is that everybody who thinks about the "avoid unpaved roads" feature in Garmin units a bit longer will come to the solution that they have to either
accept what the preferred style is doing or else to fork an own version of that style (assuming that this is allowed).
Many rules in the default style assume that you are in a rather developed country, I think they work very good for countries where traffic is similar to Germany or the UK regarding
the interpretation of highway types like tertiary, secondary etc, probably not so well for many countries outside Europe.

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Hi! In Portugal, Spain and surely a little all around, unpaved gravel roads are common, even on urban neighbourhoods.
These are quite drivable and they will often be the only way to get to some places. They are also suitable to all vehicles, even if they will get covered in dirt.
There are also a lot of paths going through sand (forest roads) and these will unsuitable to most vehicles (even a lot of 4x4s), regardless of their width.

I find that while driving, the real issue will be the road conditions and width. Will the unpaved road be wide enough for a car or light truck? Will it have deep tracks due to soil erosion? Will the surface be solid enough to drive in a regular car?

So, in real world GPS usage, I would like unpaved to mean “narrow, earth roads”, while paved would mean any road suitable to all regular vehicles.
Example: due to wind farms being built in a lot of hill ranges, large, unpaved roads were built. These are gravel, wide roads, and often are a better option to the paved, sinuous mountain roads that go around every nook and cranny in the valleys.

So, I think that fine_gravel, salt and ice should still be “paved”.

Nuno Pedrosa.

PS: Sorry to “butt in” the talk. I’m usually silent in this list, though I read most of the discussions. Your work is amazing and I find that I can add little to what is being discussed, so I try to keep my “noise” to a minimum!

On 7 Feb 2017, at 09:40, lig fietser <ligfietser at hotmail.com<mailto:ligfietser at hotmail.com>> wrote:

I'd call that semi-paved but Garmin doesn't have such category unfortunately. Since the default style main focus is on motor vehicles I'd suggest to add surfaces like fine_gravel, salt, ice to the unpaved list. And please add soil to it, it seems a quite popular tag.

Gerd wrote
This "raining" part is probably what paved/unpaved is about: The surface of a paved road should not change when it's raining
and your vehicle will not be covered with dirt when traveling on a paved road while it is raining (at least not from dirt which was part of the surface).

Do you agree on that (last sentence)?


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