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[mkgmap-dev] unpaved roads

From lig fietser ligfietser at hotmail.com on Tue Feb 7 08:38:03 GMT 2017

It really depends on the user, the region etc.

In my bicycle map I consider fine_gravel cycleways as paved because my users are mainly touring cyclists and those paths are (at least in my region) excellent for touring. But not suitable for racing bicycles, for them those cycleways  are unpaved.

I would suggest to make it unpaved for generic use and use a regular expression sytax to catch all combinations. In my OFM I solved this by using

surface ~ '.*(ash|bad|clay|cob|compact|dirt|earth|erde|gr|loam|mud|peb|sand|shotter|rock|turf|unpaved).*'

Dave wrote:

But none are "paved" in the usual sense of that word. I would hate to drive on a "fine gravel" road, or an ice road, unless I was prepared for it. Even if the fine gravel were on top of a compacted substrate it would present a hazard to bicycles and motorcycles. I'm not sure I care how a "salt" road is classified - I've never seen one let alone driven on one.

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