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[mkgmap-dev] POI indexing, problem with label 0x2800

From Andrzej Popowski popej at poczta.onet.pl on Fri Feb 3 19:11:44 GMT 2017

Hi Steve,

I have tested cgpsmapper, it writes into Mdr4 following POIs:

0x0100 - 0x0F00, subtype always 0
0x2Axx - 0x30xx, where subtype xx is 0 - 0x1F
0x64xx - 0x67xx, where subtype xx is 0 - 0x3F

Range of subtypes is what I actually have put into test map, I don't 
know if greater values would be supported. POIs 0x67xx are a surprise, I 
don't know if they have any real use.

City Navigator Europe has only one POI type at Mdr4, and it is 0x2800, 
so maybe this is the reason for mkgmap code. CN EU supports search for 
POI, so I guess real index should be somewhere else in MDR.

I don't have many non-NT original Garmin maps to look at. For example 
Adria Topo Light include POI types like 2A, 2C, 2F, 64, 65, 66.

Best regards,

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