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[mkgmap-dev] Is height: filter working as described?

From Carlos Dávila cdavilam at orangecorreo.es on Thu Feb 2 09:45:02 GMT 2017

According to style manual the rule
natural=peak {name '${name|def:}${ele|height:m=>ft|def:}' } [0x6616 
resolution 24]
from default style should convert ele values from meters to feet, 
assuming ele is in meters, but this is what map shows for the following 
ele values:
ele=500, map: ", 500 m"
ele=500m, map: ", 500 m"
ele=500ft, map: ", 152 m"
So it seems to be doing right the opposite, converting from feet to 
meters. Also, with m=>ft rule, map should show ft units, not m.
If I invert the rule from m=>ft to ft=>m this is what happens:
ele=500, map: ", 46 m"
ele=500m, map: ", 152 m"
ele=500ft, map: ", 46 m"
Now it seems when values are in feet conversion factor is applied twice. 
It seems when height: is used it always does a ft to m conversion first 
and then it applies what is specified in the rule.
For the same examples, conv: filter gives the right values.

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