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[mkgmap-dev] [Patch] "Area too small to split at " ... followed by "Too many POIs at location " error message

From Ticker Berkin rwb-mkgmap at jagit.co.uk on Sun Jan 15 13:41:27 GMT 2017

Hi Gerd

Yes; however, regardless of useNormalSplit, with --order-by... the
shapes need to be split into their correct area.

This bit of code has always troubled me. I wasn't sure if its objective
was to lessen the chance of empty subdivisions or to lessen the chance
of exceeding maximum data sizes in the subdivision.

Maybe splitIntoAreas (and, for that matter, points) shouldn't set
used[area] to true so that lines can be distributed between the two

Also the test ... && (this.lines.size() > 1 || this.shapes.size() > 1))
should take ((lines.size + shapes.size) > 1). But not including shapes
if --order-by...

Another possibility is that the caller of MapArea.split, with accurate
information on the number/size of subdivision data items, knowing that
this is more that will fit into a subDivision and further splits by
area are not possible, passes a flag that make it send excess items
into other subdivisions - very much like the way it handles


On Sun, 2017-01-15 at 10:00 +0000, Gerd Petermann wrote:
> Hi all,
> attached is a patch to solve this problem. 
> A binary is here:
> http://files.mkgmap.org.uk/download/327/mkgmap.jar
> @Ticker: Please review.
> I've noticed that with --order-by-decreasing-area 
> the code in MapArea to set useNormalSplit may not be used because
> the condition used[0] != used[1] is never true when there is a shape
> in that area. I think this can cause problems if we also have some
> complex
> lines with (nearly) the same center point in the same area.
> Gerd
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