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[mkgmap-dev] [Patch] set map-version in img header

From Gerd Petermann GPetermann_muenchen at hotmail.com on Sun Jan 15 08:46:53 GMT 2017

Hi all,

the attached patch implements new option map-version:
	The map version is written into the header of each *.img file
	at offset 8 and 9. Defailt is 0.0. Both major and minor values must be
	between 0 and 255 (including).
	Example: --map-version=1.7 (same  as --map-version=01.07)

A binary based on r3753 is here:

I seem to have no Garmin software that displays this version, so I don't 
know for sure what the meaning is. Please suggest better option name or
description if you know more.

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