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[mkgmap-dev] Copyright & License file reader improvements

From Mike Baggaley mike at tvage.co.uk on Tue Jan 10 00:55:41 GMT 2017

Thanks Andrzej, I've now downloaded a copy of GMapTool and can see the
license info there. I would not want to force the compiler info to always be
written, but it seems sensible to allow codes to be specified in the license
file or copyright file to be substituted by mkgmap. Not sure if there is a
preference for the format, but we could do something like $MKGMAP_VERSION$,
$JAVA_VERSION$, $YEAR$, $DATE$ and $TIME$, which would enable you to have a
file with something like the following in it:

World Map copyright 2012-$YEAR$
Compiled by mkgmap version $MKGMAP_VERSION$ java version $JAVA_VERSION$ at
$TIME$ on $DATE$.

Are there any other substitutions that would be useful?


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you can see license info in GMapTool's detailed log. GMapTool ignore img 
code page when displaying this info, it could be mangled if you put 
there something else than ASCII.

When you are at this task, I would like to suggest, that mkgmap could 
always add compiler info and version to license data. This would be 
helpful, when tracing problems.

Best regards,

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