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[mkgmap-dev] Map background is wrong color

From Jakob Mühldorfer mail at jmuehldorfer.de on Sun Jan 8 12:01:10 GMT 2017


I noticed something odd. This might not be related to mkgmap, but I hope 
you have some idea.

Using the OpenTopoMap typ file:

The draworder starts with:
> [_drawOrder]
> Type=0x4b,0
>             ;background

The Polygon 0x4b is also defined to be white:
> [_polygon]
> Type=0x4b
> Xpm="0 0 1 0"
> "a c #ffffff"
> [end]

and to make things even worse: in screenshots the background is plain white:

But on the device, it is definitely yellow.
Even more yellow than this image might illustrate:
Display energy saving mode is also turned off
And the display is not at fault, the text box on top is perfect white

Did I use some setting in mkgmap wrong (transparency or such)? Or does 
Garmin screw it up


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