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[mkgmap-dev] Intertile/access related routing problem

From Alexandre Folle de Menezes afmlistas at terra.com.br on Tue Jan 3 20:08:14 GMT 2017


On 03/01/2017 17:19, Carlos Dávila wrote:
> I have several routes calculated in MapSource which fail to follow the 
> logical route. They should go by a roundabout that is crossed by tile 
> border. Instead of that, they take a shortcut before the roundabout, 
> using a way tagged as highway=footway (converted to cycleway by 
> style), which should not be used in car mode. In other test route goes 
> by a path, which shouldn't be used by cars either. I have done a lot 
> of test with two custom styles until I realized it also happens with 
> default style. I first thought it was related with new splitter, but I 
> have found a map from last November which has the same problem.
I have the same problem with the footway: 

It's been like this for at least six moths.  I already tried to add a 
tag "motor_vehicle:no" (which should not be necessary in a footway), to 
no effect.  It is marked as "bicicle:yes", maybe this is related to the 

Best regards,


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