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[mkgmap-dev] A few thoughts on non-rectangular tiles

From Gerd Petermann gpetermann_muenchen at hotmail.com on Mon Dec 29 14:37:51 GMT 2014

Hi Henning,

> I would suggest that a common osm-file format would be the easiest way
> for most of the users (who generating maps out of osm-data and are
> used to josm).
> The next question is: Should there only be a non-rectangular border of
> the hole map or for each tile?
> Eg. If I want to have a map of Germany with the shape of Germany and
> also tiles shaping the federal states (Bundesländer), it would be
> necessary to tell splitter or mkgmap in the end what is outside border
> and which borders are inside the map. Or am I wrong?

I think that depends on how well the routing works at the borders.
You may start building the tiles for the Bundesländer and combine them to
Germany, if that works well.

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