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[mkgmap-dev] Issues with barrier=*

From Helge Olav Helgesen helge at helge.net on Sun Dec 28 17:04:48 GMT 2014


I am using the latest mkgmap (and have tried some older versions as well). What I see is that barrier=* tags with either motor_vehicle=no or motorcar=no still creates a route through the barrier.

I noticed this when my GPS sent me through this node: https://www.openstreetmap.org/node/1276408049

My GPS is a Nüvi 3597 with the latest software from Garmin.

I am using mkgmap with the default style. I have also tried to work with the default style from the extras folder. I added a handler for motor_vehicle as it was not there from before.
(Added to the points file: barrier=* & motor_vehicle=*   { set mkgmap:car='${motor_vehicle|subst:private=>no}' })

Not sure how to solve this, any ideas?

... Helge

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