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[mkgmap-dev] Roundabouts in wrong direction

From News news at pointdee.co.uk on Sun Dec 21 09:51:18 GMT 2014

I've recently updated to the latest version of mkgmap, compiled my maps 
with my normal script and it seems that in the finished img file all the 
roundabouts are in the wrong direction. The log file starts with.....

Option drive-on-left is deprecated. Will use drive-on=left as 
replacement for drive-on-left

Fair enough - I need to update that option in my script. I then see 
thousands of entries throughout the file similar to below....

2014/12/19 09:25:46 WARNING (StyledConverter): 
/home/paul/Maps/mkgmap/mkgmap/dist/00001001.osm.pbf: Roundabout 6959640 
direction is wrong - reversing it (see 

Of the 15 or so roundabouts that I've manually checked they are correct 
at OSM so I think that mkgmap is incorrectly reversing them. When using 
my 805 to autoroute the pink line also goes around the roundabout the 
wrong way



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