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[mkgmap-dev] status addr:place evaluation

From Gerd Petermann gpetermann_muenchen at hotmail.com on Thu Dec 18 10:48:45 GMT 2014

Hi all,

up to now I've implemented 
a) the algo to calculate the convex hull (using the QuickHull algo) for a set of coordinates 
b) an algo to identify elements with addr:place tag which are probably referencing the same
place. I use a combination of addr:place,addr:city,addr:postcode and the mkgmap:admin_levels8 to 10
This makes it less likely that a wrongly tagged object is blowing up the area for a hamlet,
but I still see hamlets with a dense cluster of nodes and a few  ones rather far away
which might be copy+paste errors in the OSM data.
c) an algo to the find roads without mkgmap:street which intersect with one or more of the computed convex hulls.

This is all work in progress  and not yet usable.

Open problems:
1) The convex hulls may be overlapping. I assume I have to subtract the overlaps (from all areas)
2) Some OSM ways connect different hamlets. I think I have to split them somewhere outside of any of the convex hulls.
3) The convex hull might be (nearly) a straight line if only a few houses along the same side of the road are 
tagged with addr:place. I guess I have to make sure that I'll find at least one road that is close to them.
4) I am not sure if I should name all unnamed routable ways with the name of the hamlet. This could include
tracks and steps etc. . I think I should check a tag like mkgmap:ignore-for-housenumbers=1
to exclude roads from this algo.

Any better ideas ?


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