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[mkgmap-dev] multi-word street search

From Gerd Petermann gpetermann_muenchen at hotmail.com on Sun Dec 14 09:05:26 GMT 2014

Hi Steve,

> > But this raises an important point. I may not be working with the
> > translated form of the word.  I made changes to deal with that but
> > they were after mixed index was branched I think. The more
> > transliteration there is the worse the index would be if that is the
> > case.
> OK I am talking nonsense here :)  As the index is created by reading the
> names from the compiled tiles, then we do have the exact text of the
> labels to work with already.
> So I expect that it should be working for single tiles with single
> byte character sets. Different rules may apply for unicode and ascii,
> and with more than one tile there may be bugs.

Not sure if this is true. You use a rather complex method to sort
the road names before writing the img file. If I got it right, you use 
a simple sort method which uses String.compareTo() 
when you sort the index entries.
Are you sure that this will always work?
I guess a simple test should show if not:
If you sort the list of road names with the simple sort method
the order should not change.

> There is still the not-found problem, which I will get back to.

Good luck!
BTW: the display tool r440 uses a method NetHeader.getRoadShift() which
is not yet in trunk.


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