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[mkgmap-dev] multi-word street search

From Gerd Petermann gpetermann_muenchen at hotmail.com on Thu Dec 11 09:39:31 GMT 2014

Hi Steve,

I tried the branch with a map for Poland. I can't test with the device
because it is broken (my own fault, I tried to exchange the display)

A few results from MapSource:
The map contains many streets named "Ignacego Paderewskiego" (different cities),
and also some named "Ignacego Jana Paderewskiego"
A lot of street names start with "Ignacego".
The data is here:
I used the command 
java mkgmap.jar --route --housenumbers --index --bounds=f:\osm\bounds-latest.zip --nsis 63240001.osm.pbf
to produce the map.
In Mapsource I search for an address, leaving all fields besides the street name empty, the result
list is limited to 20 entries.

- search for "Ignacego":
+ 1st hit: "Kraszewskiego Józefa Ignacego"
+ followed by a sorted list of roads starting with "Ignacego"
+ followed by a sorted list of roads having "Ignacego" as 2nd word
+ following by a list of roads having a word starting with "Ii"

- search for "Paderew":
+ 1st hit: "Ignacego Paderewskiego"
+ followed by results like "Pallacowa", "Palmova","Pancerna", "6 I Brygady Pancernej Wojska Polskiego", "I Brygady Pancernej Wojska Polskiego(6)"
 which seems to be a sorted list of roads containing the string "Pa"
 ++ When I select "6 I Brygady Pancernej Wojska Polskiego", the street is not found
 ++ When I select "I Brygady Pancernej Wojska Polskiego(6)" the street is found
 ++ The name in OSM is ""I Brygady Pancernej Wojska Polskiego""
+ I DON'T see the one named "Ignacego Jana Paderewskiego" in this list

- search for "Jana":
+ 1st hit: "Swietego Jana"
+ followed by some roads starting with "Jana" or "Jana" as 2nd word. 
Interesting: the list seems to be sorted by the word following Jana, no matter
whether Jana is the 1st word or not  (see screenshot Jana.png), 

- search for "jana pa"
+ 1st hit:  "Ignacego Jana Paderewskiego"
+ followed by list of roads with "jana pa" in the name
+ followed by list of roads with "jana ??" in the name, where ?? is Ry, Si, Sk, .. so these
seem to be the roads sorted by the word following "Jana"

The Mapsource algo seems to list
1) all street names where the last word begins with the search string (dashes seem to be used like blanks)
2) all street names containing the 1st word of the search string as the beginning of a word, sorted by the characters following
the search string.

- all listed streets starting with a digit don't seem to exist (I guess these are refs?)

I hope it helps somehow. Let me know if I should test other combinations.


> Date: Thu, 11 Dec 2014 01:11:26 +0100
> From: popej at poczta.onet.pl
> To: mkgmap-dev at lists.mkgmap.org.uk
> Subject: Re: [mkgmap-dev] multi-word street search
> Hi Steve,
>  > This is because it shouldn't make much difference: if A sorts
>  > before B then A will also sort before <shield>B and <shield>A will
>  > sort before B.
> But there are more codes, like separation code, which can be placed in 
> the middle of the label. Or maybe they aren't available in mkgmap? I 
> have never used them.
>  > So we need to find out what difference it makes to the sort order.
> Well, I have done more tests with nuvi. Devices perform search 
> differently. My findings are following:
> - My patches don't work in device.
> - Mixed-index works in device.
> - Mixed-index behaves similarly to City Navigator maps in Mapsource and 
> in device.
> I have tried mkgmap.jar, that you have provided, and compilation of 
> current mixed-index branch. Both worked correctly in device. There is no 
> easy partial search in Mapsource, like with my patch, but search in 
> Mapsource is usable. If you write partial string, then Mapsource offer 
> valid labes to choose from. Mixed-index works in BaseCamp too.
> My conclusion is, that your solutions in mixed-index is correct (maybe 
> it needs some cleaning, there is still test code active). I encourage 
> users to make more tests.
> -- 
> Best regards,
> Andrzej
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