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[mkgmap-dev] multi-word street search

From Steve Ratcliffe steve at parabola.me.uk on Wed Dec 10 20:44:41 GMT 2014


> With this "old" jar things still don't work for me. Some examples:
> -If I type any combination between g and grullas in the street search
> box, nothing is found. Streets in the selection list don't contain the
> searched string, most of them beginning by cm- + a number (road refs).
> If I type calle las grullas it is correctly found.
> -If I type full street name such as calle abelardo it finds calle
> abelardo gallego and calle abelardo lopez ayala
> -If I type abel, selection list shows some streets containing abel and
> then calle san abelardo, calle de abelardo, camin d'abelardo, which
> seems correct, but if I add an a (abela), then selection list begins
> with streets containing abeja, then abel and finally streets containing
> abela, like the ones above.
> For some of the streets shown in the selection list, if I click Find
> button I get the "no valid in this map" message.

Well that is interesting but disappointing, sounds very much like
what happens for me with the 'new' version.

I do worry that there is a problem when there are very many
names beginning the same (eg calle) that it might not work.

I am going to put together some working (for me) examples.


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