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[mkgmap-dev] multi-word street search

From Steve Ratcliffe steve at parabola.me.uk on Wed Dec 10 13:11:43 GMT 2014

Hi Andrzej

Thanks for testing.

I've tried using it again and there are problems with the merged
version.  Sometimes it works for me and sometimes it does not.

Typing letters brings up expected streets, but when I actually
try to find them, it often does not find anything. Sometimes
there is an empty list, sometimes I get the pop-up message
saying that this street is not present in this map product.

I went back to the version before merging with trunk and this
works a lot better, like I remember it.
So there is an incompatibility between changes that have
been made since that I will look into - its been over a year!

I uploaded the jar that seems to work for me: 


> I have tested mixed-index branch and it doesn't work for me. Mkgmap
> creates bigger index file but search work the same in Mapsource, no
> results when searching for partial label. I'm not able to find the
> reason. I think function writeSectData doesn't save partial labels, but
> I can't tell if this is a problem.
> I haven't tested in device.
> I have modified a bit my version to test some other ideas, patch is
> attached. I have removed text in parenthesis form partial search, added
> split at hyphen and excluded numbers at the end of label.

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