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[mkgmap-dev] multi-word street search

From Andrzej Popowski popej at poczta.onet.pl on Sat Dec 6 14:57:11 GMT 2014


the problem is, that mkgmap creates search index basing on full street 
label. This is not the way people use street names. Usually we use 
shortened name, for example instead of "Allée Benjamin Franklin" or "Rue 
Benjamin Franklin" we remember simple "Franklin". With current version 
of index, you wont find "Franklin" street unless you know if this is 
"Rue" or "Allée", since you have to input correct full street name for 
search index to work.

My idea is to add additional inputs to search index, so "Allée Benjamin 
Franklin" is additionally indexed as "Benjamin Franklin" and "Franklin".

This is other feature than alternative names. Alternative names are 
already supported, you can have up to 4 names for a street and all are 

My patch is very simple and doesn't check for common words like "the" or 
"and". But it doesn't add each separate word to search, only a shortened 
sequence of words. There is superfluous index for "Street" in England 
but not for "The". I have compiled map of Europe and resulting index is 
about 590MB, maybe 30-40% bigger than without patch. I think this 
reasonable size, for comparison index of City Navigator Europe is about 1GB.

Best regards,

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