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[mkgmap-dev] multi-word street search

From Brian Egge brianegge at gmail.com on Sat Dec 6 13:46:52 GMT 2014

This patch is interesting, although I don't think I would use it the way it
is, it does give me some ideas for adding other road aliases. Many roads
have an alt_name, which would be useful to index. I.e, Avenue of the
Americas and 6th Avenue are the same. Ben has some patches for abbreviating
street names, which works but you have to remember to use them when using
address search. I.e., I'd like for both "W 43rd St" and "West 43rd Street"
to be in the index.

On Sat Dec 06 2014 at 7:27:35 AM Colin Smale <colin.smale at xs4all.nl> wrote:

>  Andrzej, I couldn't find the description of the "problem" this aims to
> fix but if I am guessing right it will add individual words from street
> names into the index so they can be found when searching for an address?
> Will this not add millions of entries for "The" and "Road" and similar
> articles, prepositions and road types? It will depend on the language as to
> what is written separately and what is joined to other words. In
> English/French everything is separate but in Dutch/German the rules are of
> course difference. To start with, does anyone have any idea how we could
> implement a language-dependent stop-word list (words to be ignored
> completely)?
> Colin
> On 2014-12-06 10:12, Minko wrote:
> Andrzej, I hope this will be committed soon, would be a great improvement for mkgmap search.
> Even better if it also works for address search.
> Hi, I have decided to try simple solution for this problem. I have
> modified addStreet() procedure in file imgfmt\app\mdr\MDRFile.java. While I
> don't know all ramification of this change, search seems to work as
> expected, see attached picture form Mapsource. Attached patch is created
> half-manually, I hope it will work in your environment. -- Best regards,
> Andrzej
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