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[mkgmap-dev] nsis & typ file name

From Steve Ratcliffe steve at parabola.me.uk on Fri Dec 5 10:00:58 GMT 2014


> Have  noticed that mkgmap creates a temporary typ file by placing an x in
> front of the filename -
> ie original mytyp.typ becomes xmytyp.typ

The xmytyp.typ file is rewritten with the correct family and product
id. That is the file that needs to be written into the gmapsupp or
used for mapsource or basecamp.

Of course if mytyp.typ already has correct family and product id's
then you could use that too, but mkgmap does not attempt to figure
that out.

I mostly expect people to start with a .txt file where the ID's get
set correctly as part of compiling it in the first place.

> (if I write protect the TYP file directory it spits out:Could not write
> temporary TYP file: K:\dum\xmytyp.typ)
> this is not a problem itself but in the NSIS script it still refers to the
> temporary file.
> in the .nsi script I get :
>   File "xmytyp.typ"  and not : File "mytyp.typ"

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