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[mkgmap-dev] housenumbers and addr:interpolation

From Andrzej Popowski popej at poczta.onet.pl on Tue Dec 2 14:34:07 GMT 2014

Hi Gerd,

 > I found another tag that we don't use:
 > addr:place

 > This is used frequently, but I don't know if the img format
 > supports it?

addr:place is used instead of addr:street - some addresses don't contain 
street name but name of village instead. I don't think there is 
possibility to add points without a road to address search.

Often used circumvention for this problem is to give place name to 
nameless roads in nearby area. Then you can add house numbers to roads 
and get these addresses in standard address search. City Navigator maps 
use this solution.

Other possibility is to create short artificial road (like 10m) at the 
point position and add to it place name and house number. This road 
doesn't have to be routable, only available in search index. This 
solution is used for transparent maps of addresses.

Best regards,

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