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[mkgmap-dev] Eclipse

From Steve Ratcliffe steve at parabola.me.uk on Sat Oct 25 11:55:12 BST 2014

Hi Gerd

> I am not sure how to handle the dependency on splitter. I think it is
> okay to use the
> jar file and not the splitter sources as long as one doesn't want to
> change the splitter
> sources. I am not sure that the download link will work in the future.
> Regarding the required splitter version: It is much older, don't know if
> that could be important?

I don't really want to have mkgmap depend on splitter.  However since
it currently does, I've added the latest version to our ivy repo so it
can be referenced just with:

     <dependency org="uk.org.mkgmap" name="splitter" rev="412"

You are right that the direct download link will eventually be cleaned up.

I don't use eclipse so I have nothing further to add to this conversation :)


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