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[mkgmap-dev] FW: mkgmap in NYC

From Bernd Weigelt weigelt.bernd at web.de on Sat Oct 25 10:11:50 BST 2014

Am Samstag, 25. Oktober 2014, 10:57:05 schrieb Gerd Petermann:
> If I got it right, the housenumber code is only interested in streetnames 
> given by mkgmap:street or addr:street. These may also be set in inc/address,
> but I don't think that this has an effect on the housenumber code.
> Do you have an example where it is needed ?


last year i had some troubles with searches, that are solved, when i add this 
lines to polygons and points. 
i can't descripe this problems anymore, sorry, maybe something with incorrecct 
or incomplete boundaries, i have to look in my old mailings to Franco 


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