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[mkgmap-dev] type numbers , again...

From nwillink osm at pinns.co.uk on Wed Sep 24 12:06:37 BST 2014

So far I 've gathered that when subtype has 0x80 set no lbl pointers are 
given ; instead if byte 7 >&EF , ie F0 or F1 then byte 8 and 7 contain 
an algo for calculating the size of label that follows terminated by 0. This
is followed by 3 bytes which determine the length of the information 
stream , depending, possibly,  on the 8th bit being set .

It's still a mystery:

btw 0x 40 flag when set always add an extra 3 bytes

  Perhaps like you , I have no idea what all these bytes mean.


On 24/09/2014 10:39, Steve Ratcliffe [via GIS] wrote:
> On 24/09/14 07:31, nwillink wrote:
> > To me this is what I expected looking at various NT imgs.
> > It might mean that POIs do have a maximum of 1FF only if 7th bit of 
> subtype
> > is not set?
> I don't know much about extended types.  The mkgmap code says this for
> extended points:
> * type is written first, then subtype.
> * type has no flags so its possible range is 0x0 to 0xff
> * subtype has two flags:
>    * 0x20 - has a label
>    * 0x80 - has extra bytes after the label (describes marine buoy
> lights etc)
>    so the possible subtype range is 0-0x1f (as expected)
> * There are no flags on LBL offset.
> Of course there may be other flags we don't know about and
> the possible range may not be fully utilised by any device.
> ..Steve
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