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[mkgmap-dev] multiple boundary lines

From Steve Ratcliffe steve at parabola.me.uk on Tue Sep 23 11:25:19 BST 2014

Hi Nick

> if you look at offsets 3DA2 , 3DE6 , 3D2A 3E6E , I get the same 1C line,
> same bitstream etc, but with different lbl pointers - some don't seem to
> point to any text.

It looks like a case where borders at different admin levels share a 
line.  The labels of your examples are SOUTH WEST ENGLAND, EAST DEVON 

If you are not seeing those names you have perhaps forgotten to
multiply the LBL offsets by 2.

The boundaries are probably relations, so multiple relations reference
the same input line with different admin_level and/or boundary=* values 
which produce a separate line in the output for each relation.


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