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[mkgmap-dev] link ways to pois

From Felix Hartmann extremecarver at gmail.com on Wed Aug 13 14:10:23 BST 2014

Now I just noticed in some cities people used noexit=yes in abundance 
for ways like highway=service & access=private, or footway=sidewalk plus 
access=private. Now as I decided to render noexit=yes - but not the 
above sidewalk or access=private highway=service, I get quite a few 
"floating" points shown in the map.

Would there be way to reference the underlying line into the points file 
- basically the opposite of link-pois-to-ways..

In that case one could have:

noexit=yes & ( mkgmap:lines:highway!=service & 
mkgamp:lines:access!=private ) to not show them...

This is not really a big thing, and I don't know many other cases where 
such an option would be useful. So I don't expect it to be implemented. 
More just like a note - if it's easy to implement it would be nice....

(another approach would be to define in the lines file to remove any 
points of the line under condition X- but I think that would be a bit 
more complicated).

keep on biking and discovering new trails

openmtbmap.org & www.velomap.org

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