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[mkgmap-dev] Command to transliterate Characters/Cyrillic/Greek into latin1 even for Unicode maps?

From Felix Hartmann extremecarver at gmail.com on Wed Aug 13 14:04:13 BST 2014

Hi Steve,

thanks a lot for the patch. I'm gonna try it out today. Haven't found 
time yet so far and it will require a fair bit of rewriting my style to 
make it useful.

the notation is fine with me. Doesn't need to be simple, as one can use 
it to define intermediary keys..

On 11.08.2014 23:26, Steve Ratcliffe wrote:
> Hi Felix
>> Could there be a command like {set name='${mkgmap:trans:name}' }
>> That way one could build a map that is usable for people who do
>> understand the local script/language, and who don't by setting all names
>> e.g.
>> name=('name:en|name:int|mkgmap:trans:name''(name in e.g. Japanese 
>> Script) '
> A quick patch attached which is a first attempt at such a thing.
> Usage:
>    ${name|ascii:}
>    ${name|latin1:}
> You need the colon there at the moment, but I will fix that if we go
> with this syntax.  An alternative syntax could be: 
> ${name|transliterate:ascii}
>> Even better would of course be if there would be an additional function
>> to check if "name" is already in two scripts - this is often the case
>> for Japan or Thailand or Singapore... Dunno if that is easy to
>> implement. I hope/guess the above /mkgmap:trans:name/ would be easy, as
>> the code exists if you use e.g. --latin1.
>> -- 
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>> Felix
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