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[mkgmap-dev] How can I test if "(" or ")" is part of name

From Felix Hartmann extremecarver at gmail.com on Mon Jul 28 13:12:22 BST 2014

Ah - thanks for the clarification...

I could continue to live with the old behaviour - twould just be nice if 
it were mentioned in the style manual because it is not that intuitive. 
If it is changed, that's fine with me too.

I just tried - I can also do:
name ~ '.*\(.*\).*' { set name='${name|subst:"(=>"}'; set 
name='${name|subst:")=>"}'; echo "namehasbracket=1" }
so that's the easiest (I was looking for closing parentheses only anyhow).

Thanks a lot...

On 28.07.2014 12:19, Steve Ratcliffe wrote:
> On 28/07/14 10:15, Felix Hartmann wrote:
>> name ~ '.*\(' { set name='${name|subst:"(=>"}'; echo 
>> "namehasbracket=1" }
>> name ~ '.*\)' { set name='${name|subst:")=>"}'; echo 
>> "namehasbracket=2" }
> I looked at the code and the way the code currently is, the pattern
> has to match the whole name. Eg you would need '.*\(.*' and '.*\).*'
> but the second one would happen to match if the closing bracket was
> at the end of the string which it probably is in many cases.
> I found this surprising so I suggest that we change this so
> that it will match anywhere in the string.  That means that you
> would just need '\(' to match an open parenthesis.
> But this would not be entirely backward compatible, so it is up to
> you guys as to whether it is worth doing or not.
> ..Steve

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