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[mkgmap-dev] character encoding failed unexpectedly

From Steve Ratcliffe steve at parabola.me.uk on Mon Mar 31 16:21:31 BST 2014

> this is the message which I get when compiling Asia map:
>   character encoding failed unexpectedly

I will have to check if that message is meant to mean that
the error is not logically possible at that point, in which
case there should be an error with a stack trace or
if it is really expected that an error can occur there
in which case it should be dealt with.
Setting the action to replace (as you mention in a later post)
could be the correct thing to do in that case.

> options include:
>   code-page=65001

On the other hand this might be just because cp65001 doesn't
completely work yet.

I would be surprised if the index really worked with cp65001
at the moment, although I am going to resume working on that
as soon as I've cleared the outstanding bugs that have been
reported over the last few days.


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