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[mkgmap-dev] bitmasks for garmin vehicle types

From Gerd Petermann gpetermann_muenchen at hotmail.com on Mon Mar 31 07:56:04 BST 2014

Hi programmers,

I don't know why, but Garmin uses slightly different bitmasks for 
vehicles in restrictions and roads.
(mkgmap:car, mkgmap:taxi, ...)
The current code sometimes uses these hard to understand bitmasks
(e.g. RoadDef.tabAAccess, RouteRestriction.exceptMask) 
sometimes more or less similar arrays or lists like
StyledConverter.ACCESS_TAGS or RoadMerger.mergeTagsNotBool

I'd prefer to use one internal format for these 8 types
and only translate them to the Garmin format when the data is written
to the img file. 

This could be a single byte field which is filled after style processing,
the corresponding tags in ways would be obsolete after that.

A new class Vehicle could translate tags to bits in this byte and vice versa,
a toString() method would make debugging easier.

How does that sound to you?


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