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[mkgmap-dev] Bug: Address search and opposite cycleway

From Thorsten Kukuk kukuk at suse.de on Sun Mar 9 18:49:05 GMT 2014


On Sun, Mar 09, WanMil wrote:

> Hi Thorsten,
>> Hi,
>> I was wondering why I couldn't find sometimes addresses even
>> if they where entered correct in OSM.
>> By pure luck I found now the reason, it looks like if a way
>> has the tag "cycleway=opposite", the address information is
>> put on the wrong way.
>> Look at Sandwall 17 or 19 in Wyk auf Foehr
>> (http://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=17/54.68666/8.56960)
>> With my own and with the default mkgmap style, you will not find
>> the address with "Sandwall 17", but with "Sandwall (Cycleway) 17".
>> I think for address search, the "(Cylceway)" streets should be ignored.
> it's up to you to ignore the cycleway:
> matching of nodes/polygons with house numbers are performed by evaluating 
> the mkgmap:street tag of the road. So you can exclude all cycleways by 
> removing or not setting the mkgmap:street tag on them.

Hm, how does this work then? My understanding was, that you
take the addr:street tag and compare them with the road name.
But "Sandwall (Cycleway)" is for me not identical to "Sandwall"
as written in addr:street?

Else how can I detect, that a way is the original one ("Sandwall")
and not the cloned one for the opposite cycleway ("Sandwall (Cycleway)")?


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