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[mkgmap-dev] mkgmap SVN r3087 does not create valid gmapsupp.img files for Garmin etrex

From Andreas Tille andreas at an3as.eu on Thu Mar 6 21:47:30 GMT 2014

Hi mkgmap developers,

I revitalised the mkgmap packaging for Debian which was orphaned for
some time.  I was lucky to build r2981 and create valid gmapsupp.img
files for my etrex 30 and my etry Vista HCx.  (I picked this SVN
revision some time ago and was able to solve some trouble building the
package thanks to the help of Debian GIS team.)  Today I fetched the
latest SVN release r3087 but the resulting gmapsupp.img does not load on
both Garmin devices of mine.  To make sure it is not the build process I
also fetched your prebuilded JAR file ... with the same failure.

I wonder what information you might need to track down the issue.  I
could offer to do some bisecting to verify intermittent versions if this
might help.

Kind regards and thanks for creating OSM software



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