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[mkgmap-dev] Y-branches on motorways

From Johan C osmned at gmail.com on Sun Feb 9 11:29:49 GMT 2014

In the situation a motorway splits in two motorways (a socalled Y-branch)
 I used the following line in my style to make sure the destination:ref and
the destination were displayed in my Garmin:

highway=motorway & destination:ref=* {name
'${destination:ref|highway-symbol:hbox} ${name}' |
'${destination:ref|highway-symbol:hbox}' | '${name}' ; add
 mkgmap:display_name = '${destination:ref} (${destination})' }

Yesterday I used a new mkgmap  version with the new standard styles mixed
with lines as the one above. I noticed that in Y-branches the destination
was not displayed anymore.

What am I doing wrong here?

Cheers, Johan

mkgmap settings (not changed for the new version):
java -Xmx6000M -jar mkgmap.jar --help --style-file:mkgmap/styles/default
--name-tag-list=int_name,name --family-id=9001 --product-id=1
--family-name=Benelux --region-name=Benelux --description=Benelux
--region-abbr=BNL --latin1 --code-page=1252
--license-file=mkgmaplicense.txt --copyright-message="OpenStreetMap
contributors, ODbL. See: http://www.openstreetmap.org/copyright"
--remove-short-arcs --bounds=bounds.zip --location-autofill=nearest
--link-pois-to-ways --process-destination --process-exits --x-housenumbers
--housenumbers --index --route --gmapsupp --tdbfile --nsis
--remove-ovm-work-files *.osm.gz mkgbase.typ
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