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[mkgmap-dev] Incorrectly interpolated numbers in small segment of a street

From Paulo Carvalho paulo.r.m.carvalho at gmail.com on Sat Feb 8 13:44:19 GMT 2014


  The attached OSM file is what I'm using in my tests.  I'm now able to
compile the map with the house numbers ok.  But there is a problem (bug?).
 Only a street called "Rua Armando Santos" has street numbers.

   How to reproduce:
1) Compile the attached map with this command:
java -jar mkgmap.jar --output-dir=saida --housenumbers --draw-priority=255
--latin1 --index --remove-short-arcs --route --gmapsupp recreio2.osm ;

2) Copy the gmapsupp.img to a Garmin GPS;

3) In the GPS, Park the pointer over the "Rua Armando Santos" street.  In
the longer segment of the street, interpolation is fine, but in the shorter
segment you can only find the four numbers defined in the OSM map (19, 20,
41, 42).  I was expecting to find in between numbers such as 35, 28, 22,

Is that a problem with the map or there is a small bug in mkgmap?

The build number of mkgmap I'm using is 2998.

Thanks again,

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