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[mkgmap-dev] link-pois-to-ways

From Minko ligfietser at online.nl on Sat Feb 1 09:49:19 GMT 2014

Thanks Gerd,
So if I understand it right, technically it is not impossible,
only mkgmap is not ready for this, right?
Thats no problem, since the traffic sign tags are still experimental phase too.

> the tag traffic_sign=* is ignored by the link-pois-to-ways option, so
> the first problem
> is that no POI is created for this node, and you can't change that in
> the style, because
> the processing happens before style rules are processed.
> If we would change that somethow, the 2nd problem would be the
> direction.
> The current implementation in trunk creates short way with the access
> restrictions,
> and it would be quite complicated to change that so that e.g. two
> oneways are created,
> one with a restiriction, the other without.
> In the high-prec-branch this looks easier, as it creates a route
> restriction for each direction
> by default. We would just need an additional tag to tell mkgmap that
> only one direction
> is needed.
> Gerd

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