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[mkgmap-dev] bounds and sea on pleiades

From Patrik Brunner patrik.brunner at gmx.net on Fri Jan 31 14:37:50 GMT 2014


Actually you have a directory ./latest in both your sea and bounds 
directory in which we can find the latest version of the sea and and the 
bounds file.

Unfortunately these files still have the date tag in the name which 
makes an automatic 'fix' download of the latest boundaries quite 
hard..... there's no need to change these files, but wouldn't it be 
possible to have a file just called 'bounds.zip' and 'sea.zip' (and 
respective for bz2 files) being a link to the actually latest file ?

So one could always download the latest file from the paths 
./bounds/latest/bounds.zip and ./sea/latest/sea.zip

Not sure how complex it is to achieve this during your automated 
generation/preparation/publishing, but guessing from my scripting 
experience it shouldn't be that hard.

Thanks for having a look at this.

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