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[mkgmap-dev] maxspeed=none

From Thorsten Kukuk kukuk at suse.de on Mon Jan 27 09:15:22 GMT 2014

Hi Wanmil,

On Thu, Jan 23, WanMil wrote:

> Hi Thorsten,
> I cannot reproduce your problem.
> maxspeed=* & mkgmap:road-speed-class!=* & maxspeedkmh()=*     { set 
> mkgmap:road-speed-class = 0 }
> does not fire if maxspeed=none because in this case maxspeedkmh()=* is 
> evaluated to false.

Ok, thanks, I'm still to C function centring in thinking ;)

I think it is the same problem as I see in some other areas
on my GPSmap 62s: If I use "shortest distance" routing, my
62s sometimes don't like to make left turns, instead you will
get a right turn, 180 degree turn, and then the right way.
Or you will go forward, 180 degree, a little bit back
and then a right turn.

But I see that only with the 62s and "shortest distance" routing,
anywhere else.

Attached a picture, this is the area:

Coming from Northwest going Southeast via "Fuchslochsteg".


Thorsten Kukuk, Senior Architect SLES & Common Code Base
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