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[mkgmap-dev] boundary France broken?

From Lambertus osm at na1400.info on Sat Jan 25 13:50:53 GMT 2014

On 25-01-14 13:18, Lambertus wrote:
> On 24-01-14 20:49, WanMil wrote:
>> Regarding the sea files: I can post a similar shell script within the 
>> next days. But that's also not a big trick:
>> * Install mkgmap including the extra jar files (the ones in 
>> lib/optional)
>> * Download the new data (land polygons) from openstreetmapdata.com
>> * Unzip the file
>> * java -cp mkgmap.jar:<extra libs> 
>> uk.me.parabola.mkgmap.sea.optional.PrecompSeaGenerator 
>> land_polygons.shp WGS84 sea
>> * Zip the new directory sea containing the new sea files.
> Working on the sea now. Is a version of mkgmap available for download 
> including the optional libs or do I have to compile one myself? I 
> really would prefer the former option...
> _______________________________________________
Just to show that I don't understand how it's done and what is needed.... :P

I've downloaded Geotools 2.7.5 then call mkgmap (replacing <path_...> 
with the actual path without the '<>'):

> java -cp <path_to_mkgmap_dir>/mkgmap.jar:<path_to_geotools_dir> 
> uk.me.parabola.mkgmap.sea.optional.PrecompSeaGenerator 
> <path_to_shape_dir>/land_polygons.shp WGS84 sea 

But then I get the error:

> Error: Could not find or load main class 
> uk.me.parabola.mkgmap.sea.optional.PrecompSeaGenerator

I'm using mkgmap-r2982 as downloaded from the snapshots page @ mkgmap.org.uk

Any hints are appreciated...

This is the actual command in the script:
> java -cp ${MKGMAPDIR}/mkgmap.jar:${GEOTOOLSDIR} 
> uk.me.parabola.mkgmap.sea.optional.PrecompSeaGenerator 
> land-polygons-complete-4326/land_polygons.shp WGS84 ${TODAY}

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