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[mkgmap-dev] Mapsource crashes while calculating a route

From Steve Ratcliffe steve at parabola.me.uk on Sun Jan 19 11:21:26 GMT 2014

On 19/01/14 06:39, GerdP wrote:
> 			/*
> 			 * Current thought is that the node indicator is set when
> 			 * the point is a node. There's a separate first extra bit
> 			 * that always appears to be false. The last points' extra bit
> 			 * is set if the point is a node and*this is not the last*
> 			 **polyline making up the road*.
> 			 **Todo: special case the last bit*
> 			 */
> @Steve:
> Did you learn something new regarding this extra bit? If not,
> I will revert the changes to the line splitting algo.

The test in NetCheck does seem not fully correct.

I think it is always true that:
- the last point of the last line in a NET entry never has the
   node-flag set.

The test in NetCheck is circular because it does not know if the last
point in a line is really a 'node'.  So it doesn't properly test the
condition 'if the point is a node'.

Maybe the test is worthless. I will change it so that we only test
the last line.


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