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[mkgmap-dev] [patch v1] link-pois-to-ways and restrictions

From Henning Scholland osm at aighes.de on Tue Dec 24 08:52:02 GMT 2013

Am 24.12.2013 09:40, schrieb chris66:
> Am 23.12.2013 15:15, schrieb Gerd Petermann:
>>> What do you mean with "route restrictions" ?
>> sorry, a route restriction is the internal name for it.
>> These route restriction are created for restriction relations
>> like http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Relation:restriction
> Ah ok so you mean turn-restrictions. What is the advantage for
> implementing the point-barriers this way?

Hi Chris

Think about a POI you want to route to. The road passing this POI has a
barrier in front of the POI and with old implementation the passing road
will be avoided for eg. 100m Maybe there is another road passing the
other POI-side (without entrance), which passes the POI in 80m. So
Garmin will route you to a point of the useless side of the POI, just
because it's closer.
With new implementation you will be routed to the passing road and
routing will stop at the barrier.


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