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[mkgmap-dev] Merge the mergeroads branch?

From Minko ligfietser at online.nl on Fri Dec 20 20:38:04 GMT 2013

Hi Wanmil,
I have done a few tests with your debug function.
It didnt report all roads in the log file, but the ones that were logged gave a good insight of the routing bits that were on and off.

I added two rules to the end of the default branch line style to see what will happen:

highway=cycleway {set mkgmap:carpool=no}
highway=primary {set mkgmap:carpool=yes}

Example primary:
215516920 0x3  00000111000 [N237 Utrechtseweg, Utrechtseweg (N237), N237, null]

means bicycle=no, foot=no, carpool=yes, car=yes

206642571 0x7  01101010111 [Utrechtseweg, null, null, null] 

means bicycle=yes, foot=no, carpool=no, car=no 

Test Basecamp:

1) vehicle=car, carpool avoidance on:  routes on primary! avoids cycleways
2) vehicle=car, carpool off: routes on primary, routes on cycleways!

3) vehicle=bicycle, carpool on (=default):  routes on primary, avoids cycleways !
4) vehicle=bicycle, carpool off: routes on primary!, routes on cycleways

5) pedestrian mode: routes on primary, routes on cycleways

Another test: I've set carpool=yes on all unclassified roads
highway=unclassified {set mkgmap:carpool=yes}
highway=residential {set mkgmap:carpool=yes}

6996189 0x6  00000001000 [Kerkstraat, null, null, null] 


6) carpool on/off doesn't block routing on this road

My conclusions

-The mkgmap:carpool bit seems to have no influence on routing (carpool avoidance on/off) in Basecamp.
-no-car=1 or 0 seems only related if carpool avoidance is switched on/off
-no-bike is ignored, no-foot is ignored
-If carpool avoidance is switched off there are small routing differences in vehicle type which are -I think- caused by the differences in road_classes (situation 2 vs 4)

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