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[mkgmap-dev] Merge the mergeroads branch?

From Minko ligfietser at online.nl on Wed Dec 18 09:07:36 GMT 2013

Wanmil wrote:
> the carpool flag in the branch can only be controlled by the tag
> mkgmap:carpool.
> I don't know if we have to accept the Basecamp handling.
> I still don't know if the bit which is toggled by mkgmap:carpool is
> really used for carpool handling. I have done some tests with
> Mapsource
> but I couldn't find *any* difference in the routing behaviour. So no
> matter if the carpool flag was set or not and no matter if the carpool
> avoidance was set or not, routing was always the same. So I doubt if
> the
> bit which we call carpool bit really influences carpool handling.

Neither can I see any difference if a road has mkgmap:carpool=yes
or not. So what is the benefit of this mkgmap:carpool tag?


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