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[mkgmap-dev] TYP-file can't be written

From Steve Ratcliffe steve at parabola.me.uk on Tue Dec 17 22:26:14 GMT 2013

Hi Henning

OK, I will stop the command line overriding the declared CodePage in the
.txt file.

It seems like it is likely more often the wrong thing to do. If anyone 
believes that there is a remaining problem then we will have to find 
another way to fix that problem.


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> Hi Steve,
> I don't want to bother you. Is there any news about this?
> Henning
> Am 25.11.2013 00:17, schrieb Steve Ratcliffe:
>> Hi Henning
>>> in the end of August it worked without any problems. I've just
>>> read here that something was changed with TYP-files and
>>> code-page.
>> The change was that the --code-page parameter overrides the
>> CodePage that is in the typ txt file. That may well have been a
>> bad idea. It certainly is in this case.
>> Previously you would have had a cp1252 TYP file with the tiles
>> being in a different code page (unless you changed the CodePage in
>> the typ txt file too).
>> You should be able to work around the problem by using
>> --code-page=1252 just before the .txt file and then setting it back
>> to what it should be just after.
>> I am tempted to revert that part of the change, but will have to
>> look at why I made it in the first place.
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