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[mkgmap-dev] Merge the mergeroads branch?

From WanMil wmgcnfg at web.de on Tue Dec 17 21:55:02 GMT 2013

>>> 3) Carpool tag is still not independent from access=no / motorcar=no
>>> in Basecamp
>>> I tried to clear all the carpool flags with set mkgmap:carpool=no
>>> but that doesnt work.
>> The carpool handling is independent in the branch. But only if you
>> don't
>> use the compat_* includes.
> Hi Wanmil
> I gave it another try with the default style.
> At the end of the lines file I added those two lines as you suggested:
> mkgmap:carpool=yes { set mkgmap:carpool=no }
> highway=* & mkgmap:carpool!=* { set mkgmap:carpool=yes }
> This still does not work. I mean: in Basecamp bicycle routing is still avoiding cycleways (unless I uncheck the carpool avoid option). I also tried it with only the first line
> mkgmap:carpool=yes { set mkgmap:carpool=no }
> in the finalize section, but this didnt help. Also tried { delete mkgmap:carpool } but this didnt help either.
> Are there other ways to remove the carpool flag from ways with either access=no or motorcar=no or must we accept this carpool handling is not independent in Basecamp?


the carpool flag in the branch can only be controlled by the tag 

I don't know if we have to accept the Basecamp handling.
I still don't know if the bit which is toggled by mkgmap:carpool is 
really used for carpool handling. I have done some tests with Mapsource 
but I couldn't find *any* difference in the routing behaviour. So no 
matter if the carpool flag was set or not and no matter if the carpool 
avoidance was set or not, routing was always the same. So I doubt if the 
bit which we call carpool bit really influences carpool handling.


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