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[mkgmap-dev] Merge the mergeroads branch?

From Minko ligfietser at online.nl on Tue Dec 17 20:51:08 GMT 2013

> > 3) Carpool tag is still not independent from access=no / motorcar=no
> > in Basecamp
> >
> > I tried to clear all the carpool flags with set mkgmap:carpool=no
> > but that doesnt work.
> The carpool handling is independent in the branch. But only if you
> don't
> use the compat_* includes.

Hi Wanmil

I gave it another try with the default style.
At the end of the lines file I added those two lines as you suggested:

mkgmap:carpool=yes { set mkgmap:carpool=no }
highway=* & mkgmap:carpool!=* { set mkgmap:carpool=yes }

This still does not work. I mean: in Basecamp bicycle routing is still avoiding cycleways (unless I uncheck the carpool avoid option). I also tried it with only the first line

mkgmap:carpool=yes { set mkgmap:carpool=no } 

in the finalize section, but this didnt help. Also tried { delete mkgmap:carpool } but this didnt help either.

Are there other ways to remove the carpool flag from ways with either access=no or motorcar=no or must we accept this carpool handling is not independent in Basecamp?

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