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[mkgmap-dev] Merge the mergeroads branch?

From WanMil wmgcnfg at web.de on Tue Dec 17 10:49:32 GMT 2013

Hi Minko,

> Hi Wanmil
> I tested it again and after some modifications of my styles everything shows up on the map as intended.
> So the labels are fine now.


> Some remarks:
> 1) I had to add this line in my style to make housenumber search work:
> # Assign the street name for house number search
> highway=* & name=* { set mkgmap:street='${name}' }
> This line was not needed in the trunk version.

Good catch! The trunk uses the mkgmap:street and if not available some 
other names. The branch only uses mkgmap:street. I think this is the 
"cleaner" solution with no side effects.

I have added a rule to the compat_lines file.

> 2) To make the place pois appear again I had to add some rules in the finalize section:
> <finalize>
> name=* { name '${name}' }

Mmmh, "name=* { name '${name}' }" is the first rule in the compat_points 
file. But I will check place pois again.

> 3) Carpool tag is still not independent from access=no / motorcar=no in Basecamp
> I tried to clear all the carpool flags with set mkgmap:carpool=no but that doesnt work.

The carpool handling is independent in the branch. But only if you don't 
use the compat_* includes.

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